Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade

Today was my son's school's Halloween Parade.  He is in 5th grade so he didn't get to walk in the parade.  From 5th grade up they just watch the parade.  It is cute watching the younger kids parade around the black top with their costumes on.  There were a lot of kids wearing Giants stuff as their costume.  All of the teachers were wearing their Giants gear.  My son is an unknown phantom.  His friend was Brian "Fear The Beard" Wilson(SF Giants Closer), one of his classmates was pumpkin head, there was an Elphaba, a camo dude, a zombie doctor, the scream, a spider girl.  One of the 3rd grade(who is pregnant) was dressed as a bun in the oven.  So cute.  His teacher from last year had her baby son who was born in July with her this morning.  His class had their Halloween party.  They had carrots with olives, popcorn hand bags, juice, water and goodie bags.  A lot simpler and with less food then the lower grades.  They watched a movies called "The Witches" from the Roald Dahl book, "The Witches".

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  1. Sounds like you had a great Halloween. Love your son's costume. Just perfect.