Friday, October 22, 2010

Going To Be A Quiet Weekend Without My Guys

My guys are gone for the weekend.  They went to my son's Cub Scout Cub On.  I usually go with them but I can't this year because I dropped a bookcase shelf on my toe and it is still healing.  I can't wear shoes or walk very far right now.  This is a fun camping trip because they do a lot of Halloween related activities like decorating pumpkins.  They have a haunted house. My son likes the archery, BB gun, swimming and learning how to Whittle.  He already has his whittling chip badge, archery badge and BB gun badge so he just participates in them for fun now. Everyone in his den are going because they are working on some of their Webelos 2 badges this weekend. I hope the weather holds up thought it is supposed to rain tomorrow.  It isn't fun camping in the rain.  My son brought his Halloween costume because tomorrow they give out goodie bags to the kids who have costumes on.  I haven't spent anytime by myself so it is going to be weird not having my son and hubby here.  It is already quiet in here.  They will have a good time and they have all of their meals included.  The meals aren't bad.

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