Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heat Exhaustion

Sunday hubby, the boy and I went to Scout Day with the A's vs the Pittsburgh Pirates. We took Bart to the Oakland Coliseum. There were quite a few scouts there. We had good seats but it was in the sun and it was really warm that day. I got heat exhaustion. I was sitting on the floor near our seats trying to cool off when one of the ushers asked me if I felt already so he called the Paramedics for me. So they suggested I go and hang out at the first aide station until I felt better so I had a very cute Paramedic pushing me in a wheel chair to the first aide station which was a ways from where we were seated. I told my son to tell hubby where I was going. They took my blood pressure and hooked me up to a heart monitor. I drank 2 cups of water and I felt better so the nurse sent me back. I spilled the second cup of water on me and all over the floor. So the second paramedic said "that is one way to cool yourself off". I walked back to my seat and hubby and the boy were coming to get me since I feeling better and the seats were in the shade now we sat down to finish watching the game. So after the game we walk over the walkway to the Bart station and get on the train and it is like a million degrees on their. It was like a sauna and it was packed with people. We had to switch trains at Balboa Park. That train was a lot cooler. I don't think the first train had any AC. Maybe we should have gone to another train to see if it was any cooler but it was so packed we couldn't have made our way to another train.

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