Sunday, March 07, 2010

Let's Get Down and Derby

My son's Cub Scout pack had their Pinewood Derby yesterday. It is an all day affair. My son was very disappointed in his car this year. He decided to go for looks and not speed. He made his car look like a whale and called it the "whale car". He was upset that it didn't place at all. The last 3 years he has gotten third place. He didn't like his whale car he said it was a slug car and a piece of junk. I thought it looked good. I was tired after spending all day there. This is the boys who didn't place got a little trophy for participating which I thought was really nice so there weren't any tears. One of my son's friend and his brother always gets first place and overall trophy. Their dad always makes their cars for them. It gets kind of boring to have them always win. Another boy in his den, who joined this year, came in second. His dad did all of the work on his car, too. These cars look and run too good for the boys to have worked on them. Next year is my son's last year as a Cub Scout so he wants to make a fast car.

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