Sunday, June 14, 2009

Evening Hike

Hubby, the boy and I went for a 3-mile hike after dinner tonight. It was a beautiful evening for a walk. We walked on a trail that used to be part of Highway 1 and goes up to Montara Mountain. We were going to do some geocaching but we couldn’t find the two that we were looking for on the trail. We walked up the trail quite a ways to a point where we could see the ocean and part of town. We saw some really pretty flowers along the way. There were wild sweet peas growing along the path. Sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers. We also saw a cute wild bunny rabbit scurry up the hill to hide under a bush. There were lots of birds singing. It is so peaceful and quiet out there except for the birds singing and things rustling in the foliage. There were some really pretty fluffy clouds when the sun started setting. The boy and I saw a bird with a red head and throat land on a bush near us. The bird was singing then it flew away. A lovely night for a walk.

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