Monday, January 19, 2009

Yum Popcorn

Blog Prompt: Today is National Popcorn Day. Do you like or dislike popcorn and why?

Great blog prompt. Ok I love popcorn! My mom starting me early eating popcorn. My dad and brother could careless about it. My uncle is also a big popcorn lover. It must run in the family. My son also loves popcorn but hubby is not a popcorn eater. He will eat it if I make it or if we go to the movies. I love movie theater popcorn. It tastes better. Although we did go to a new movie theater that just opened up here a few months and their popcorn wasn't that good. I like my popcorn with a little salt and a little butter. I like Paul Newman's and Trader Joes microwave popcorn. I usually make it in a pan on the stove. I know fattening but I don't like the air popped popcorn because it is reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy dry.

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  1. I really like movie theater popcorn too! But it drives me crazy that 2 drinks and a popcorn cost more than the movie tickets!