Saturday, January 31, 2009

Variety Show

My son and his friends tried out for their school's variety show on Monday. Yesterday they found out they made it into the show. They are so excited. They are doing a Harry Potter puppet show skit. My son's friend's sister wrote the skit for them. The boys have a week before the show to practice and get their sock puppets together. We need to find a big cardboard box for them to use as the theater. Last Friday they put the characters into a hat and the boys drew who they were going to play. There are six parts so they are each playing two characters. My son got Voldemort and Hermione which he wasn't too happy about. He is feeling a little better about his characters. I think he got good parts and lines.


  1. congrats to him, I bet he is on cloud kids always loved to do those shows at school.
    this is a link to Anthonys if you want to see..ts his high school show from last year.I still cant beileve he did it since he is shy oh he is the one at the start of the show 3rd one from the left..

  2. Congratulations for your son. I think he got wonderful parts. Both being such strong characters.