Friday, March 21, 2008

Dream House

Fri 3/21 Blog Prompt
Dream House (blueprints and journaling about the house we’d love)

My Dream House would have a front porch that went across the front of the house, a bigger kitchen with more counter space and a pantry, a family room, a master bedroom with a master bath, a craft/sewing/computer room with lots of natural light, a room where I could sit and watch the ocean, a laundry room inside instead of in the garage. A little bigger backyard that is nicely landscaped with paths that meander through the yard, a pond, a place to grow vegetables and herbas and where we could entertain or just hang out. A sunroom would be cool. A room for my husband and son to tinker around in.


  1. I think it would be great to sit in a room and be able to look out at the ocean. Don't forget to invite me when you get your new dream house!

  2. That sounds like a lovely home!! I love the idea you have outside. I love porches and back yards.