Monday, January 07, 2008

We Survived the 3 Storms!

We survived the three storms. The first storm came in on Thursday. We had a little bit of wind with the rain. Something woke us up early Friday morning. The power kept going off and on. The power stayed on through the storm. Other parts of the city the power was out. The second storm came in with a bang late Thursday night. The winds and the rain were wild. It rained all day Friday. I'm sure glad we didn't have to go anywhere that day. DH and DS were off for the week. Late in the afternoon there was a big downpour and the water was running down our street. It was enough rain that the water went up over the sidewalk a bit. Fortunately, the downpour didn't last and the water went back down. The last storm came in late Saturday morning. Just in time for us to go to a birthday party. Just as we got to the party, it started to hail but it stopped just as fast. We had been at the party for about an hour when there was a bright flash and a huge thunder clap that shook the whole house. We all thought the flash was someone taking a picture. The lightening hit a tree along the road that goes through town. It split it in half and the huge branch landed in the road. After that the rain poured down. Our cable had been out since Thursday night. Tivo kept recording programs. A lot of people in town didn't have cable or phone lines. Our cable finally came back on yesterday mid-morning. There was a lot of tree branches in the middle of the roads. The second storm was quite a storm. The Mountains in the Sierra Nevada got tons of snow. There was blizzard warnings. A levy broke near Reno, Nevada and flooded the town.

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  1. I am so glad that you are okay! Thanks for keeping us informed!