Thursday, January 17, 2008

Variety Show

Last night my son's school had their variety show. My son was so excited because this year he was able to try out for it. You get to try out when you are in 2nd grade. He performed a skit with his 3 friends. It was a cute and funny skit. The skit was called "The Great Raisin Skit" about a spoon coming to eat the raisins. They did a great job. They had 2 dress rehearsals yesterday for the kids and teachers. Everyone really liked their skit. Last night they performed for the parents. It was a good variety show this year. We have a lot of talented kids in our school. There were dance routines, singers, a band, a couple of guitar players, a kid who does balloons, a couple of piano solos, one of the 4th grade classes did the electric slide to a Beach Boys song. It was a fun evening. Next year my son said he was to sing a song.

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