Monday, July 23, 2007

HP Book

Our Harry Potter book arrived on Saturday. We couldn't wait to get started reading it but I had to finish reading another book to my son that we were almost through with. We started the book last night and we all got so engrossed in the book that we stayed up until 1:00am! We can't wait to get back to reading it tonight. The beginning was a little slow but it picked up after a bit. I didn't look to see if there were any local HP parties going on before the books release. Last time there was a new book release there were lots of parties so you would think that there would be some this time since it is the last book.


  1. I am on the reserve list at the library for this book. I think it will go fast though. I wish there had been a party close by me.

  2. Sounds like fun...and finding something that everyone can enjoy is HARD!

  3. Hope you enjoyed it beachcomber. I'm surprised to hear there weren't any HP parties around your area though.