Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Our friends and their daughters and family all go camping every year at Trinity Lake which is North of Redding. We have been joining them for the last 4 years. We got back from camping last night. We left on Saturday morning but we were almost to the bridge when we noticed we didn't bring our pillows so we turned around and went back home to get the pillows. The temperature was in the triple digits that day. It was a long hot drive up. The air conditioning wasn't working that well so we were really hot in the truck. The drive was good but it took us 6 hours to drive up there. At least the drive was smooth sailing. We stopped for rest stop breaks and to eat. It was early evening when we rolled into the campground so we put up the tent, pumped up the air mattresses and rolled out the sleeping bags. My hubby and son went swimming in the lake in the dark to cool off. I didn't want to navigate down to the water in the dark. We didn't have much rain this year so the lake was way down. My son loves the water. He would stay in the water all day if we let him. It was too hot to sleep that night but we finally managed to fall asleep. Then at 4:00 am the guy in the campsite below us gets in his diesel truck and wakes up the whole campground. Our friends said that the guy has been going fishing every morning at 4:00 in the morning. :(

On Tuesday we went down early to the lake to go swimming. My son loves to go out in the kayak. He paddles the kayak around close to the the shore with hubby swimming nearby. My son is getting good at paddling the kayak. Our friend's have a boat so they took my son and their oldest grandson out tubing. It was hard getting him out of the water to go up for some lunch. After lunch hubby and son went back down to swim some more. Our son wore out hubby. LOL I got to spend some quiet time reading and relaxing. That was nice. It was much cooler today so it was much easier to sleep. At 4:00 am the diesel truck guy got in his truck to go fishing. Then his 2 other friends got in their trucks to go fishing. So we had 3 diesel trucks waking us up!

Wednesday morning hubby and son went down to the lake to get in some last minute swimming before we left. Hubby came up after 2 hours to start packing up the camping gear. It took us a couple of hours to slowly take things down. Hubby wasn't in a rush to take things down even though he wanted to get home at a reasonable hour. He didn't want to go to work the next day. After saying our goodbyes we finally hit the road around 3:00pm. It was pretty humid the first part of the drive but then the wind picked up and it was cooler. So we were home around 9:00 pm.

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  1. Looks gorgeous! Sounds like a wonderful trip :)