Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In My Room

Wed 6/6 Blog Prompt
As a child did you have your own bedroom or did you have to share? What was it like? Did you spend a lot of time playing in there or was it reserved for sleeping?

My Uncle was living with us so I had to share my room with my little brother. I don't remember playing in there. I remember my brother and I had a toy chest that we shared. My bed had a lot of stuffed animals on it. After my Uncle left I had my own room. My room was in the front of the house, yellow walls, a twin bed with a dresser and a small stereo and speakers from Radio Shack. I liked looking out of my window and watching the cars and people go by. I had a bulletin board on the wall that I used to pin pictures of favorite shows, favorite TV and movie actors to it. I had a shoe box full of pictures I had cut out from Tiger Beat, TV guide, etc. I would spend some time changing out the pictures. I used to go in my room and read. When I got a little older I had a small 13 inch TV in my room so I would watch my shows at night. That way I didn't have to watch what my Mom was watching. My Mom would watch her shows in the living room, me in my room and my Dad in the kitchen. LOL


  1. I used to have a bulletin board like that. I used to spend hours arranging photos on it and taking things off and putting new stuff on. Gosh this brought back so many memories!

  2. Sounds like a pretty cool personal space you had there Beachcomber.