Monday, May 21, 2007


We had a good weekend camping. We arrived Friday afternoon and it was sunny and mild. We set up the tent and explored the area. We camped on the grass, there was a nice walking/bike path and of course the beach. There is a nice white sand beach. There was a pretty sunset. Saturday we woke up to drippy fog and wind. It was windy and foggy pretty much all day. We went to my son's t-ball game in the morning went back to camp and went out later in the afternoon to a birthday party. We had a nice potluck dinner with our den. The pack fired their rockets down on the beach. Our den's rockets did pretty good. One of our boys rocket landed in the lagoon but one of the older boys retrieved it for him. Most of the rockets were retrieved but there were a few of them they couldn't find. There was a gorgeous sunset. One of the guys in our den brought his high powered telescope so we got to look at the stars. We got to see Saturn. It was way cool!! Sunday was sunny but windy. Everyone packed up and went home. We went to 2 birthday parties in the afternoon. Whew................

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