Monday, April 09, 2007

Spring Changes

Monday Blog Prompt 4/9

Spring always means change or growth. Any changes or growth going on in your life?

The changes going on in my life are I have been trying to eat more healthy and to exercise more. In the process I have lost some weight. I would like to lose more. I haven't met my first weight loss goal yet. I am trying to cut down on my portion sizes. That is hard to do especially since I LOVE to eat! I am also trying to get more sleep and more exercise. Another hard to do thing. My son likes to stay up at night so I end of staying up, too. We are working on the earlier to bed with him.


  1. Change of eating habits is never fun, but it does have a lot of benefits...hope it all goes well! And thanks for blogging with us!

  2. Cutting down on portion sizes. I hate that too!! I love to eat also, but I also love to exercise. But I think I like to eat more than exercise!

  3. Congratulations on your changes. I am trying to make the same changes as you are. I am "trying" to eat healty. I still have a problem with the exercise part. At least I have been consistently going to my yoga class twice a week. But on the two days I am supposed to do aerobics...I manage to sleep in and not make it to the class! Gotta work on that one.

    For my eating I have been following The Sonoma Diet. It is not so much about losing weight as eating healthy. My skinny son and husband LOVE the foods I have been making from the book.

  4. Exercise and I have never been close friends Dorene. I've found that the only way I can make myself do any is to incorporate it into other parts of my life. Like walking to the station to catch the morning train instead of driving or catching the bus. That way it seems to make more sense to me.