Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday 3/23 Blog Prompt
This week my dd, Emma, studied the letter "G" in kindergarten. For homework she (we) had to write or draw as many G-words as she could think of. Let's use G-words as our prompt.

garbage, gate, goat, girl, green, giraffe, guitar...... Add your own and start writing!

geek, grand, glop, gnat, gnome, grow, go, gone, gown, google, get, glee, galop, groan, glue, gaety, goodness, gooey, goofy, galant, gmail, glitzy, glitter, grandpa, grandma, goldfish, gold, ghost, ghoul, gum, gift, gingerbread, glasses, gem, globe, garden, groundhog, glove, geography, gospel, goose, gander, grapes, grunt, gas, great, glob, gorilla, grab, gentlemen, grass, grand slam, grand prix, granola, graphics, grateful, graceful.

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  1. Great Galloping Galoshes! Thats a ginormous collection of g words.