Saturday, March 04, 2006

Riding The Rocky Road Bus!

Yesterday my husband and I were one of several chaperones for our son’s kinder class fieldtrip to Chinatown.  Unfortunately, since it was raining we didn’t get to go to Chinatown.  We were all disappointed we couldn’t do the Chinatown tour. We ended up going to the Academy of Sciences.  The kids had a great time riding in the Dreyer’s Rocky Road bus.  The Academy of Sciences was fun.  They got to see a lot of cool things.  They all enjoyed the tide pool area where they could touch starfish and shell crabs.  Since there were a lot of chaperones, we each got one other child to watch.  The little boy we were responsible for kept giving me hugs.  So sweet.  Another one of the boys in the class sat down on my lap.  We all got to ride on an antique carousel.  That was really fun!  The kids and adults had a great day!

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