Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cutting Down our Christmas Tree

December 3, 2005

Today we went to a birthday that was at a gymnastics center.  My son had a lot of fun.  There was organized tumbling which the kids enjoyed.  Then there was yummy pizza and cake.  A nice short party.  After the party we went to a tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree.  We had a nice scenic drive along the coast.  We walked and walked but we didn’t see a tree so we ended up not getting on.  The trees had already been picked over so only the little and the scrawny ones were left. The farm has a lot of fun things for the kids like lots of rope swings, tractor rides, roasting marshmallows.  I got to make a nice wreath, too.  All in all in was a real fun day.  The weather was sunny, cool and breezy.  A lovely day for a family outing.

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