Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thurs 3/29 Blog Prompt: Are you the partying type? Write about a party you've had or attended. Ever wanted to be the recipient of a surprise party? Now is your chance to let your family know!

Are you the partying type? I'm not the partying type. We don't entertain much. DH is not big on too many people around. He gets overwhelmed with too many people around. We usually attend family parties, our neighbor's parties and kid parties. The last party we went to was for our neighbor who turned 40 last November. Most of my party planning is planning my son's birthday parties. Last year we had his party at a park and barbequed meat and hotdogs. It was a fun and easy party. My son is already planning his birthday party for this year which isn't until summer! LOL

Ever wanted to be the recipient of a surprise party? No I don't want to be a recipient of a surprise party but I like going to surprise parties or helping plan one.


  1. When you have kids, their parties just seem to predominate. But how much fun you can have.

  2. Ohhhh I totally agree! I love to help plan surprise parties! It is so much fun keeping it a secret!

  3. No I'm not much of a party girl either, except for small ones with a few friends or family.I rarely enjoy big parties.